Hampshire Law Society - Conciliation and complaints procedure

Solicitors Conciliation and Complaints Scheme

The Hampshire Law Society has in place a Solicitors Conciliation and Complaints Scheme. The purpose of this scheme is to assist clients of Hampshire solicitors in resolving any problems or complaints they may have and in trying to re-establish the solicitor/client relationship.

Solicitors in Hampshire handle thousands of transactions every year. By far the majority are completed to the total satisfaction of the client. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong and the work or conduct of the solicitor is the subject of a complaint. This may simply be the result of a misunderstanding or a breakdown in communication. In some cases there may have been inadequate professional service from the solicitor.

To help resolve any problems quickly the Society operates a local Conciliation and Complaints Scheme. In this, the Society acts as an intermediary encouraging solicitors firm to deal effectively with any complaint made against them.

The Society will not represent either party. The Society is not a regulatory body and does not have any disciplinary powers.

Making a Complaint

All firms of solicitors are required to have in place a complaints procedure and the Society would expect clients to make use of the firm's own complaints procedure first before making use of the conciliation scheme. In the event of a complaint the client should write to the senior partner or the person in the firm responsible for handling complaints.

If that does not resolve matters then the client should make contact with the Administrator of Hampshire Law Society who is Nicola Jennings who can be contacted in the following ways:-

Address: 92 Chessel Crescent, Bitterne, Southampton SO19 4BS
Telephone: 023 8044 7022
Fax: 023 8044 7022
E-mail: administration AT hampshirelawsociety.co.uk

The Administrator will record the enquiry and send the complainant a questionnaire for completion and return.

Details will be reviewed by the Society and it will contact the solicitor's firm concerned, advising them that a complaint has been made. The solicitor's firm will be asked to try to resolve the matter with the complainant within 21 days.

Should this not resolve the matter, the Society will appoint a named conciliator who will speak with the complainant and the solicitor's firm and try to find an appropriate resolution to the complaint.

If this is not successful the complainant will be advised to pass their complaint to the Legal Ombudsman Service - the regulatory body for the profession.

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