SRA Handbook members briefing


As you may be aware, last summer the SRA consulted on a number of proposals for the Code of Conduct and the Accounts Rules.  The Regulator has recently announced a series of decisions and we have drafted the attached briefing to provide members with information about the changes and help them to consider the implications.


Despite strong opposition from the Law Society and its members, backed up by a substantial body of evidence, the SRA decided to go ahead with most of its original proposals, including:

  • Removal of restrictions on solicitors delivering non-reserved services to the public from unregulated entities
  • A new reduced set of six principles
  • A new shorter Code of Conduct for Solicitors
  • A new shorter Code of Conduct for Firms


The SRA plans to issue a further consultation on the rest of the Handbook proposals, including new authorisation and practice requirements and enforcement strategy in autumn 2017.


The SRA has committed to implement all changes at the same time, and does not anticipate introducing the new requirements before autumn 2018.


I hope the above briefing is of interest to you and your committee and would be grateful if you could also circulate this information amongst your members.  A link to the briefing is also live on our website, if it is easier to circulate.


Regulation Breakfast

As the profession continues to experience regulatory change, we have organised a breakfast event to inform members about some of the changes to the regulatory requirements.  In particular:

•        entry to the profession (the new Solicitors Qualifying Examination) 
•        the structure of solicitors’ practices (the review of the SRA Handbook) and
•        the way services are offered to clients (transparency of information and the CMA report)

The breakfast will provide an opportunity to hear from our Regulatory Affairs Team, who engage regularly with the SRA and ensures members’ voices are heard through the regulatory process, and for you to provide feedback.


The event will be held on Tuesday 12th September 2017.  Further details and information on how to book are available here.


We are encouraging local law societies to consider sending a committee member along to this breakfast, as we believe the information will be useful in assisting you to respond to further consultations and in providing support to your members.  In addition, please do circulate this to your wider membership as well.